Alexanderplatz in Berlin
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Distance from hotel: 6.9 km


Alexanderplatz in BerlinThe Alexanderplatz in Berlin is just called 'Alex’ by locals. The square was named to honour Alexander I, Tsar of Russia, on his visit to Berlin in 1805.

Layer upon layer of Berlin’s urban history is located in Alexanderplatz, interweaving centuries of social, political, and architectural history and repeatedly the subject of public debate and urban design competitions.

The transformation of Alexanderplatz into a modern transit junction and shopping area came about during the second half of the 19th century with developments such as the construction of the S-Bahn, Berlin’s surface rail network in 1882 and the underground railway from 1913. Devasted during the war the square gradually developed into the pedestrian zone during the 1960s becoming a popular if rather amorphous urban area.

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